bla bla bla hah
time drags by really slowly
this blog's a vast mess
also my name's Monika if you'd like to know

about me


trying to figure out someone else’s shower

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Why are adults so afraid to curse in front of teenagers like most of us have a worse mouth than you

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hello there ldn, nice seeing you again (at Primrose Hill, London)
living by the railway tracks equals with quite good night sleep apparently
it really is as good as it looks like
what do you do when there’s no got on tv? you play the game of thrones
beautiful, amazing, talented - @ellaeyre  (at National Stadium, Warsaw)
beautiful. just beautiful. (at National Stadium, Warsaw)
martin garrix is a fucking genius! best gig so far  (at National Stadium, Warsaw)
the national stadium is quite pretty
warsaw here we go
oh and look i’ve got johnny’s pick <3
couldn’t have ever imagined that it would happen
thank you for the beautiful pyro and all of the emotions. hope to see you again really soon <3